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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Evolution and the Human Family Unit

In my last blog I pleaded that we accept the principal that humans are mammals and that the male is the intended head of the family like we see in all other mammals. Of course, ideally the family unit will represent a team—but using this metaphor we must understand that the proper role for a man is captain. A plethora of dysfunctions occur when circumstances interfere with this basic plan. A problematic situation in America now is that the female is often the primary breadwinner and as such may feel that she should overturn millions of years of evolution and relegate herself to captainship. (Money, as our society never tires teaching us, rules.) Certainly I have seen the effects of problems raised in the black community in which I live. Economic and social pressures often make a man feel castrated and not infrequently he will leave the family field entirely rather than stand for it. Addictions often occur in an attempt to regain manhood from a bottle of Colt 45. As I mentioned in the last blog, this evolutionary imperative pertains to the family unit (a God instituted unit) and does not apply to larger social units.

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