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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Believers as Leaders

John Wooden in 1960
There is a poem that has been in circulation for some years, which is appropriately by an unknown author (as you will appreciate once you read it). This poem has been quoted by many famous people — Coach John Wooden, Mickey Mantle, actor James Caviezel, just to name a few — who, despite their worldly fame, realize that ultimately what really matters is not what man says about you, but rather what God says about you.

I pray that you will find in this poem the deepest longing of your own heart as well.
[Above introductory comments by James Ryle].

Your name may not appear down here in this world’s Hall of Fame,
in fact you may be so unknown that no one knows your name.
This hall of fame is only good, as long as time shall be,
but keep in mind “God’s Hall of Fame” is for Eternity.

To have your name inscribed up there, is greater, yes, by far,
than all the halls of fame down here, and every man made star.
The crowds on earth, they soon forget, the heroes of the past,
they cheer like mad until you fall. And that’s how long you last.

But God, He never does forget, and in His “Hall of Fame”
by just believing in his Son, inscribed you’ll find your name.

I tell you friend, I wouldn’t trade my name — however small,
that’s written there, beyond the stars, in that celestial hall –
for every famous name on earth, or glory that they share.
I’d rather be an unknown here, and have my name up there.

In my blog last Friday ( I discussed one reason why it is important to retain believers in leadership positions—a tendency towards acrimony is dampened. The above poem points to another significant reason—the proper retention of primary objectives is maintained. When a desire for earthly fame or power is primary, the maladies revealed in the book of Daniel become evident as mastery of tasks takes a backseat to destructive tendencies (see video clip here:
King Darius probably preferred Daniel for he sensed that Danial lacked lust for power, so therefore could be trusted to be honest and forthright.

Determining who is a believer requires utmost discernment for, as the saying goes, you cannot tell a book by its cover.

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