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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Salvation Perspective

Salvation is often portrayed as a train getting ready to leave the station.  Climb aboard now for this opportunity may never come again.  Act now and you will be able to recall the exact moment that you left the station.  That is how salvation is often portrayed, but that’s not my experience.  My salvation was more like standing on planet earth unaware of movement while the ground that I stood on was revolving at 900 miles per hour.  My salvation was an evolutionary process characterized by moments of despair alternating with moments of near ecstasy; of moments feeling alienated from God with moments feeling his best friend.  In a recent blog I characterized it as a process whereby I was granted permission to be truly free.  Life ceased to be a burden and became an opportunity to serve the Lord.  There is no unease in my salvation, no fear of ejection.  The Eternal sustains my soul on solid ground with such force that it will carry me through anything even if I am personally unaware—as in the dementia of old age.  I did not claim God, he claimed me—and that is the source of my security.

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