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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Today I was at a meeting that addressed in a momentary snapshot the current state of an organization.  It sought first of all a listing of those things the organization does well.  Then a list of opportunities was developed (those areas that need improvement).  It occurred to me that this dual view of listed achievements and areas of needed improvement if applied regularly to the individual would be a helpful exercise.  What if once a quarter every individual listed their current status in this way?  If these evaluations were kept in a journal, it would be most interesting to see developments and changing perspectives over time.  Of interest would not only be quarterly goals and achievements, but the shifting ground of the elements of evaluation and prioritization as insights and views changed with impinging realty and experience.  For example, there could be radical shifts in what one considered success as well as worthy goals.  I think many of us would be amazed at what we once viewed as facts and certainties eventually being viewed in retrospect as assumptions made from prejudice or perceptual blindness.

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