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Friday, October 14, 2011

Alcohol Buzz vs Spiritual Joy

Aunt Vivian & Uncle Monroe (1978)

When my mother died in October 2002 my cousin Patsy and husband Wes traveled from Jacksonville to attend the service in Bradenton—well over 400 miles round trip. I have always appreciated the special effort and affection shown.  Today some 9 years later my wife Kathy and I returned the favor.  The funeral service for my Aunt Vivian was held today in Jacksonville and we traveled from Saint Petersburg to attend.  My Aunt Vivian and Uncle Monroe overcame a major challenge earlier in their lives.  It was mentioned in today’s service.  That challenge was a strong affinity for alcohol.  For a time, it largely filled their spiritual hunger displacing even the worship of God.  But this all changed as time passed and they developed a strong faith and the joy of salvation.  It was refreshing to hear a funeral address that mentioned an unpleasant fact in the life of the deceased and did not paint over real challenges met and overcome.  [Aunt Vivian as you dance in heaven say a prayer for me that I may likewise overcome the idols and addictions that always seem to threaten joy and happiness on earth.]

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