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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Running Wires and Cables

Tonight I would like to honor all those who run wires and cables.  Now with the many homes and buildings with cable TV and internet not to mention electrical wiring itself, the challenges of running wires and cables are frequently overlooked.  When the Twin Towers fell, I could not help but think of the huge investment that had gone into those buildings in terms of putting in place Ethernet cabling alone.  It was stunning to think all those man-hours of work could be destroyed so quickly.  (Not to mention all the other systems such as plumbing and air conditioning also destroyed.)  The challenges of running wire and cable not only involve overall planning and design, but endless adaptation to troubling details and tight spots.  Wire management involves not only getting the job done, but doing it as esthetically pleasing and nonintrusive as possible.   So the next time you settle into your easy chair to enjoy a TV program on cable, I suggest you give a moment’s thought to the installer who worked the minor miracle of making the cable link well-nigh invisible.

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