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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bipolar Behavior and the Final Death of Self-Denial

To some bipolar manic behavior is bizarre.  But to the one undergoing the experience, it is not bizarre at all; it is merely the consequential celebration arising from the final death of self-denial.  When bipolar, all wishes, hopes, and dreams are brought to realization.  The self is fully and totally affirmed.  The repressed self, the repressed private dreams and ambitions become actualized.  The mind steps in and removes all difficulties and hindrances presented by the old reality.  The belief in the new reality is total and transformative.  The great energy provided by mania is generated from the joy of deepest yearnings being fully realized.  The actualized dreams can be the assurance of attaining worldly position or they can be dreams of having an intimate relationship with the Eternal.  One projects self totally upon the world, and as a screen it reflects back to the self the self-image projected.  Thus, there is an exponential effect, as stimuli emanate from both self and screen.  The reinforcements are escalating, expanding, and universal. One operates in a tailored world—in a perfect world of one’s own choosing.  I look upon the bipolar person with pity and envy.  With pity because self-denial has finally come to this tragic pass, and envy because the experience of total fulfillment is one glorious trip.

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