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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine’s Day

Monday was Valentine’s Day—a day that hovers over friendship, romance, and family.  It celebrates God’s way of bringing light and color into our lives—it is not good that man (nor woman) should be alone.  We have many roles to play in life, but the most significant role with greatest personal impact is who we choose as lovers.  It is the blessed experience of welcoming a onetime stranger into the connectedness of family.  We become suddenly aware that magically beyond our meager abilities to create it, in the full regalia of psychological and spiritual fact, a new family unit has been created and destinies linked.  We, with the help of God, have created a new institutional entity.  The family feeling is a forever feeling.  It is commitment carried lightly for a lifetime.  It weds generosity to generosity and miraculously tosses the scorecard into oblivion.  Such is the final mark of love.

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