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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Modest Proposal

I watched Super Bowl XLV this evening and would like to make a modest proposal.  There were great efforts on both sides and many outstanding plays by deserving players.  Clearly a single score cannot comprise the entirety of effort and talent shown during the entire game.  It is highly unwarranted to allow a few points to create a winner or manufacture a loser.  In short, when the whole game is considered, clearly no decisive winner or loser exists.  In such cases a panel of experts should be convened to adjudicate a winner—or winners.  Many factors would need to be taken into account.  Statistics for individual players calibrated.  It is entirely possible that the most meritorious and deserving players be found on the superficially losing side. All this would have to be taken into consideration for a final determination.  In all football games, including little league, it is important to convey to all that a few trifling points do not determine in any meaningful way ultimate winners or losers.  Such determination requires due consideration, and I might add, requires that one be considerate.  It’s important that we not give the wrong impression to our kids.  Simple fairness necessitates the prolonged and extensive consideration of many factors best left in the hand of expert adjudicators.  Sports inherently become an analogy for life; it is unwise to promulgate the lesson that personal fate and final judgment are determined by a few fickle points on a scoreboard.

I have an additional proposal to replace birthday celebrations with conception day celebrations—but that’s another entry.