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Friday, February 18, 2011

Not Seeing the Forest for the Weeds

Ignorance Is Bliss defined: it is often better not to know about something unpleasant. Encarta Dictionary.

Sometimes if ignorance is not bliss, it is at least necessary for mental health.  When confronted with a daily stream of police blotter crimes; one’s optimism, hope, and faith are under constant assault.  At some point for sanity’s survival, it is necessary to insulate oneself against the daily viciousness reported in the news.  Otherwise, one’s world can become unbearably dark. A constant feed of the most dysfunctional and darkest side of human nature can drown out the good—which in reality far outweighs the bad.  To focus on the bad at the expense of the good is in itself unrealistic. It indicates a proclivity to cultivate cynicism.  It is not seeing the forest for the weeds.

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