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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Face of Anger

Anger is something that at one time or another afflicts everyone.  The hottest anger comes from righteous indignation.  If we are wise, we work to make anger the exception rather than the rule in our lives.  In anger we lash out.  There are fringe groups who mutually cultivate anger.  Often the end result is violence and predatory domination.  Anger in politics can attract others of like emotions.  Anger can form the substrata of political rhetoric.  We should be aware that a little flash of anger is only human, but to dwell on it and cultivate it full time is destructive.  If one must be a warrior, be a happy warrior.  Don’t go about your business as a smoldering Nazi intent on subjugation of the enemy.  Rather, show an inclination for respect that signals to others a healthy perspective of balance and proportion. Respect others even if you disagree with their position.  This may not change viewpoints, but it does open the door for beneficent reciprocity.  Neither subjugation nor even persuasion can subdue anger effectively.  The only way to subdue anger is to conduct a clean, well-focused contest while holding your opponents in uncompromising esteem.  Say openly and without any hint of sarcasm—“My friend in the opposition and I have fundamental differences of viewpoint.”

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