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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Today in Sunday School

Today in Sunday school we read several devotions.  Several topics of discussion ensued.  After reading one regarding our gifts and talents, Kunte asked if Mitch thought he should continue to pursue being a rock star.  Mitch answered that he wanted Kunte to be happy.  He wanted him to pursue whatever would make him so.  As the discussion progressed, we discussed what makes a star.  Usually it is some rare combination of talent and passion.  If we see five people perform, perhaps one will stand out above all others with having “it”—however hard to define what “it” is.  This is much like a company viewing the products of competing advertising agencies.  The works of all may be competent and professional—but one stands out as having “it” and far surpasses all others.  Stars by definition represent the exceptional.  What if companies or countries could develop stars of most of its people?  What if the organization was able to encourage the exceptional best from all of its members—somehow matching person to talent and passion resulting in remarkable work and widespread happiness?  Surely such an organization would be a star among organizations.    

Along with this we discussed that having “it” need not always be a positive influence when we make a meager attempt to imitate the best.  Something within us seems to be attracted to rebels and “bad boys.”  Whether it is James Dean, Tupac, or Joan Rivers, we sometimes secretly admire people who rebel against conventionality.  We may try to imitate them but find that our attempts at rebellion all flop.  Somehow we just cannot match the originals with their unique talent and passion.  Rather than fascinating others with a certain “it,” we repulse and fall short in this special kind of stardom.

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