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Friday, February 25, 2011

A Place for Grace

Today I was graced by a gracious person.  The three qualities of a gracious person I would like to discuss are genuine interest, goodwill, and consoling speech.  The first quality, genuine interest, always comes as an uplifting surprise.  Working on Dale Johnson's computer at Mangrove Bay Golf Course I mentioned I had a blog.  He wanted to see it.  On reviewing a few entries, rather than showing a polite cursory interest, he expressed quiet appreciation and understanding by reading intently and asking specific relevant questions.  The next quality, goodwill, is a deep sense that the person respects you and wishes you well.  The person provides a wide swath of accommodating space for you to express and to be yourself. The third quality, consoling speech, reflects a person’s kindness by their offering generous and peaceful words.  Rather than cynical, acerbic observations about inevitable floundering’s that accompany troubleshooting efforts, he transformed my gaffes into graces by his refreshing touch of considerate speech.  Such persons are transformative.  They have the capacity to redeem dicey, uneasy situations with a generous gift of gracious charm.  They are a valuable asset to have in any organization.

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