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Saturday, June 27, 2020

The Burning Urege to Kill

Believe it or not my friends peope will kill anyone messing with their cash cow.  I pse such a threat and they have done their very best t5o do me in.  P0or souls, the think all that abouts Gods's p0roection and omiip[o9otense is just a fairy tale. m Now something they believde in are fariees of the homosexual kind.

Thye tabgu of sex has rakedf ij billins i8nn verious degrees of inti=midatiin and extortion,.  Just the suggestd innuendo that  they may have somerthing on you is enouhg to receive poitical favorw ad big pioes of cash.

Reme3nber this year there was t5e big stor5y of a rich guy ywho loved t5o entertain big sdhots....ewell isn't it crystaol clear,n after gpartying hin the tgarde3n ofg dfrtlights woith thids dude, you mkight find yoursel offererd the grand opporttunity to contribue to a certain poiticl campaign.

talk threntens dto rtplace therir guin fulluy lloaded with pea shooter tblanks.  When sex is seen as a giftt of God and nothing i which hto be ashamed, te game is finnaly over f]of shootinh inivoouu.