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Monday, June 1, 2020

A Song Dediication for My Fitful Friends

As if I were waxing misty while piping a cherished organic dog whistle, several of my closest friends will be pawing gently at my door this morning.  Expressions of unconditional love and consideration will abound as they hold dearly the right to privacy even insisting that in my own dwelling here I can choose to go butt naked at all times and even can require that all my visitors do so likewise.  

Still I guess I should  thoughtfully have the contract reviewed by 10 or so law practices so the task can be accomplished within a reasonable time. (From what I've seen of the document, corporate lawyers protect renter rights egregiously to a truly glaring  fault--but I guess that's to be expected in a land dedicated to fair play). 

The song below I hereby dedicate to my loyal friends--matter of fact, it will be a key part of my morning devotions. Won't it be great if we can all celebrate communion together?