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Sunday, June 21, 2020

My Life as a Problem Play

Shakespean problem plays end with a feeling of pretended resolution/  The only answer to thos position is that not only hompsexuials dsw hupr in dpoble-entrande but also dtraights with an ounce oj integrtituy,  They eoiu;d aks--thos endimg does not seem complete to\ literalists, but gays wi;;sesarch on knowing in the enf they can enjkpy nrlly laiiughs at pious strights,  Howecer straights filled with the sp[iiry of generosity and grace look to a measure of forgivrness and grace at the end---these groiups knore that the show is not iver unti; the fat lady sings.

Today doble=entrandre can lean upon acctusl imagery (yet ofytrn dymbolic) and not vsdtly verbal.  MSNBX has a tpoken homosexual but I strionf=ky doubt it is geniune,  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalsoit has wit bASED PON VERBAL ENTRENDE3.  Thus it seeks to attract hom,osexuals, literalisrts, and dtrights filled with the spirtit.

Soooooo, ia Carls puzzel regarding "muddy rainy weather may hpmpsexuals snickering dor years at their hufger understabding, literals pligginh alomg to do better, and theintgrity of spiritnot juding at all bit lauijhinh teir ass off at themselves and mab's oitsizws egoes.