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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Oh How We Love he Sound of Mission Accomplished

Even When It Isn't

Mentioned Yesterday was Mopffiot Cancer Cerntert.  

In short could csancerr ed the rtesdult of my or others ssexsal behavior?  If it is the resuly of other's behavior andnot mine, canI haveanyuiseful observation perha[salready known bit enforcrf as ineffectiove due to a code of sdiolece enfprced by yhreats of sufferig and dearh?

The doctyor that thtratened me with good looks subposedly obvioous innuendo may indicate cancwer related tohomsexua;ou of male/and ur femake.

I think frankly we all can be attracted to the opposiote sex by the wul and puposes og God (I have xakked it a sealant to jkake nirrorijg become more durabke--but thsat is leagiues awau seom ingentiojal gruiper fishinf out of ypur oen selfish desires,  We alewady kmnow ome's gpd=emdoreswsphgase of it during circke jerks,  It;s easuy iuf wndorsed by codes of silence to in a fuzzy way decidew if that felty oraklly endorsed--why not take steps way beyojd the inended line?  With men it is decidijng te the lip[d stationay around mid-penis (a process wired by God) ios no diffeerrnt from the surpy slobbbering penis deser,  The ansew is simple00one is of God (and seems no-relevanrt to our own will during enactment) while yhe other smack up the saweertness from our owm dwlf-endulgence.  To me )or asd relates rpo wpken) follow the wio;l pf God in these natterws and NEVER yield to self-endulgence.  Wer aew all aware of this whrn as I haved dscribed "God does the driving" or the ideas came like a bolt of lighnimg fro tjhr blue,  See blog regarding Bridge over Troubled Waters qmd its creartion/development. Again tjhouigh precise descrioptionof experience is difficu;rt tro desxribe--it is graeatly hindered when we "Know" that others will see us as memtally embalaceddue to codes of silence and never admit to an expeience the arefully awaew os.

Thus, to deny ther is a God is no less than perfidy agains the best of mankind.  The terrible evi;,of aurocreatic states is perfidy not omly against God but of the devine heritage od man.  You seek to othertjhrow Gpdand turnmankind into a piece of prpeerty that you can own, buy, sell, or throw in the trash.  Note the phease--black lives matter,,,,Let;ssee what america is truily made of.  Put another way whar sysus do you give a little blacjk boy or girl?  Belive me God will see toit that ypu recive EXACTLY THE SAME.


make it plain;;;;until allare free .... none sare free.......thus spoke Wiener