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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Special Message to Bleeding Heart White Skinned Liberals

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Please consider what one of the greatest orators of all time had to say.  MLK makes very plain that we can transcend a good distance from self-indulgent guilt trips when we leave behind kindergarten infantile prejudices and pretensions..

However, Dr King DID NOT stop there.  He did not ask us to stop dead and to replace our brains with fistfuls of silly-putty.  In fact, once we trash our childish and dimwitted prejudices about skin color, the heavy responsibly of discerning human character kicks in.  That is, MLK charges us to pay special regard to that hazardous yet sometimes essential task of discerning character.  Experience, wisdom, and petitions for divine guidance are clearly indicated.

In other words, be vigilant for signs of extortion directed your way in underhanded attempts to control you by strumming sentimental chords of trumped-up guilt.  Remember, you have no real love in your heart for anyone you weakly indulge with credulity rather than calling that person to personal integrity and  accountability.


More than I like to admit, I am often sure from another room that my wife is challenging me to new heights of accountability....that is, until I discoverer she is in discourse with other of our family members:

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