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Monday, May 13, 2019

Searching Questions

In a recent blog I wrote about a head coach (in movie Remember the Titans) who forcefully asserted the following mantra: THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY.  That was also the mantra of a history professor I heard about.  Have you not heard similar sentiments from line authority in business?  Now think carefully and be honest…on hearing this statement in your own personal affairs, did you have a sense of security and peace....a childlike sense of relief from responsibility  ......perhaps at last we will get something done—not another desert filled with inaction on the one hand or frenetic chaos on the other!

Should we wonder that “strong bosses” can creep insidiously and pervasively by side door into the national psyche?


The other day my blog embedded a video that included Mahalia Jackson dedicating a song to Louis Armstrong  (Found Here).  She said of him that if you don’t love him, I don’t think you know how to love.  Let us consider these words for a moment:  Are there people in our society that don’t know how to love?  And what could be the back stories of these unfortunate people.  What implications are there for a society in which a substantial number of its members have somehow never learned to love?