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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Sincere Regard for Sympathetic Souls Insinuating Your Unfailing Greatness


Let me explain to the Russian saboteurs what resides a few inches below the epidermis of most Americans.  This might scare the hell out of you, but I’m here to testify that on deeper levels we Americans yearn to bind concerns in the Spirit of love and unity (which we do on the sly would genuinely be surprised by the kind prayers said for one's most vocal critics).  Those greedy sophomoric dilettantes and two-dimensional dictators hooked on glitzy, self-projected supercilious mirages of America tell us more about their fetid selves than a thousand gigabytes of lies.

Let me help you presumptive bastards understand a thing or two.  Let's take the most recent news regarding the the abortion controversy. (For a moment let be those kiss-ass intelligent agent sycophants located down the hall and listen up to what a free man sounds like--who has among his family and close friends those who disagree about many things.)  Now this is very important to understand (one might call it democracy's secret ingredient)--the glue of personal attachment will always hold SO LONG AS BOTH PARTIES VIEW EACH OTHER AS EQUALLY EMBRACEABLE BEFORE GOD. {Otherwise endless cat fights are inevitable.} 

You see.  Knowing how to love is absolutely essential since bottles of poison (ironically called "spirits") soon lie empty, yet still the heart cries out for that genuine integrity made possible by the intimacy of love and the humility of contrition.

Now we have areas in our nation in which the backbone of the economy derives from agriculture and livestock.  Having lived in such an area, I can relate that the weather gives us frequent practical warnings that humans don’t control everything.  We appreciate that the fast-talking dude from out-of-town guaranteeing a perfect growing season is very probably full of shit.  It follows that when we are assured by big-town elites that a developing baby in the womb is not human, we more or less sit there awhile in silence.  What could come next, we thought.  Sure enough here comes that tried and true carnival barker selling the “free choice doctrine” snake-oil elixir he makes a good dishonest living selling.  That dude I guess thinks we were raised in a concrete city and just fell off one of its liberated subways when it rocketed off the tracks and arced from horizon to horizon.  He said mankind has the free choice to do whatever it wants to since its all about liberated individuals acting individually.   Well, when we country folks talk over the pasture fence we think about each of us having a right to pollute a stream with tons of chicken shit because individual liberty is guaranteed by our Constitution…..yet sometimes we can't help but puzzle at our quaint low rural IQ’s…especially when our own place is the one downstream and, doing our very best to understand the concept, just can’t seem to escape the smell of chicken shit.  Out here in the sticks where farm animal birth is as regular thing, it kind of puzzles us when people claim that a human child developing in the womb is not a human child and liberty and individual dignity are not a bit violated by shredding to pieces a growing and healthy child in the womb.

As my well-endowed city cousin always says when sporting a new T-shirt:

It is what it is------Just deal with it

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