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Monday, May 20, 2019

If You Build It They Will Come

A Merit-Based system of immigration is a fundamental policy error since God uses the "least of these" to elicit graphical entrée codes into his courts of creativity.  Beware of being too big for your britches.  God don't play with arrogance.  We simply don't know if this is a "value prerequisite" or an essential hard-wired communications protocol.


According to Einstein, “cosmic religious feeling is the strongest and noblest motive for scientific research”. In his opinion, the goal of a scientist should be to try to begin to understand the universe. Einstein had a deep feeling of awe in front of nature and the universe and he believed that “strenuous intellectual work and the study of God’s Nature are the angels that will lead me through all the troubles of this life with consolation, strength, and uncompromising rigor” (letter to Pauline Winteler, 1897).  [Please again note "strenuous"  intellectual work.  God just can't help himself when rooting for the authentic earnest player. (--this note mine)]


It is gratifying when one finds a renown person in apparent concert with a strong feeling arising from your own experience.  Time and again I find that at some level of authentic “strenuous intellectual work” the circuitry of the mind gains greater fluency into the realm of extra-human assisting powers.  I have sometimes found--after wrestling earnestly with God (our Great Creator and our Senior Partner)--that truly miraculous serendipity occurs.  From this point of view, I suspect any country can become God’s Country if true authentic earnestness is combined with utter assurance that God loves us and is eager to assist. 

The main threat to America mentioned in yesterday’s blog is a societal structure which produces such pain that the fun of creativity becomes replaced by dull despair.  (Having no 3rd party review-- "due process "-- at workplace; and the horrors perpetrated  by alcohol.)  A society adrift is a very dangerous thing—it may choose a dictator full of falsehood other than humble yet eager inquiry of intellectual integrity.  The endgame of which is that God cries tears as he watches us drift unto death.

I am fully confident in the Good Heart of the American Idea.  When we genuinely and earnestly strive for the fun of dancing with generosity and creativity, God will show up fully outfitted to join in.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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