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Thursday, May 9, 2019

How Does That Make Any Sense?

If American as our democracy yearns to flourish within the Kingdom of God, how does that make any sense?  How can a democracy be part of a Kingdom?  I have urged us to see God as our Senior Partner and we ourselves as Junior Partners.  We are made in the image of God the Good Book says and He reigns as the God of love. Jesus demonstrated Godly love as the son of God and simultaneously as a human being fully aware of our human nature—He knows as the song STILL says--that we are fully known. That is, there is no need for us to conjure up those ridiculously outsized fictions called Resumes.  He accepts us for employment because of something even better--for who we really are!

Now earlier I discussed the wonderful fact that the American Spirit understands through practical experience that is possible to enjoy equality and the fun of being special at the same time.  This mirrors the simultaneous extensive dynamic of the People's Democracy in sumptuous concert with the Creator’s Kingdom. Of course the Spirit that enables is love itself—the love that uplifts and humbles simultaneously to produce creativity, generosity, and happiness that flashes a laser beacon from our little corner of the universe.

Now in American society we intuitively understand that the sketch for most organizations take on a more or less hierarchical shape.  Most all institutions—let’s be honest—sooner or later define numerous roles including far-reaching line authority.  The American Constitution understands that due to human nature, the only real check that works to control the drive to existentially eliminate vulnerability can be expressed in a phrase: checks and balances.  The theme of checks and balances echo's throughout society.  I must thank Dietrich Bonheoffer (in book Ethics) for the insight that when an institution seeks to usurp the role of a balancing institution, it ends up forfeiting its own role.  You might think of it this way, for the enterprise sector, when the defining role of an engineer is trumped by an over-eager marketing department, the very existence of the organization can be put into jeopardy

In our culture we all know that most hierarchies are significantly impacted by America’s commitment to the Equal/Special paradox. An inexperienced line manager or supervisor usually soon learns that Cock-of-the-Walk line authority Hotshots predictably find himself gracing a delicious pot of chicken soup.  In the brain of each American employee—like it or not—is a clear sense of what it means to be equal and special--and they expect appropriate accommodations.

Before retirement I worked for the City of Saint Petersburg Parks and Recreation Department.  There is no doubt that I would have a very rough day as a computer grunt if I should decide to toss out the organizational need for specificity in both accountability and responsibility. Thus, I post-haste conjured up a genius conclusion that the duly elected City Councils/Mayor were all wrong about their purpose for a certain project. Hence today I threw the whole thing out and angrily refused to take delivery of critically needed equipment. I think every day—even the mayor himself—mentally affirms equality and the special contribution he can make. We all understood we owe no less to ourselves, each other, the organization, and the residents of our Sunshine City.  We should not as American's bust gut over problems that really don’t matter much  and seldom practically arise.  We are blessed with the balm of our democracy, our love for each other, and the love of our Creator.  

PS:  To all Sunshine Soldiers—this day and every day—let us defeat Trumpism by serving up for all we meet love and kindness with a certain flair to accentuate our sure victory—these "impromptu votes” each and every day will defeat those self-appointed geniuses from hell. Thank God our forefathers were childlike enough to make happiness an essential part of our daily diet.

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