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Friday, March 1, 2019

High Seas Disenfranchisement

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When it is pointed out that a hefty third of Americans are only too glad to worship a lawless pirate as President of the United States, it is clear that the days ahead will be turbulent. For even though many goodhearted souls can be cajoled and humored to exercise a justice already filling their hearts, flat-out Biblical wolves from time immemorial have an unquenchable thirst for ascendancy and supremacy.  They say “In God We Trust.” You should translate this: “Only My Unchallenged Pirate Ego Matters A Whit.” 

When we insist that employees receive equal honor as do their employers, lawless  pirates masquerading as Capitalists projectile vomit more vociferously than even while tasting a smorgasbord of ideological “isms”. For them, a practice of straight capitalism is sacrilegious as it would curb their intoxicated notion of personal power.

It is my opinion that the most urgent matter that confronts us is a mindset issue, not a pocketbook issue.  When even the most humble employee is given the respect offered by third party review of perhaps ill-considered decisions from those within business governance, a sociological process will begin that steers larger society towards justice and comity.

Lawless pirates are the first to tout phony capitalism. Be warned—they care nothing for productive capitalism that understands the profound interdependency of human endeavors.  The purpose of capitalism is NOT to slake an unending thirst for lust and greed. (Lord knows, no one need remind us of the widespread market collapse such sins eventually bring.)  The purpose of capitalism is to accomplish abundance and wealth, creativity, and a deeply shared sense of worthwhile accomplishments (thus, happiness).  It never for a greased-lighting-split-second need imply a gratuitous lawless perfidy against humanity.

As most citizens feel no great encumbrance by criminal laws prohibiting anti-social behavior (their hearts don’t go there in the first place), just so employers of goodwill will view steps to provide a sense of persistent fairness for their employees as something fully in harmony with what they have personally prayed for, sought and worked towards for years. 

It is, rather, the lawless pirate parasites who hide within “capitalist” camouflage and squeal that “freedom” will surely die if one dare intercedes within his proprietary stock of cannon fodder employees—DON'T BE FOOLED!… This “freedom” is all about screwing the hell out of others upon the privacy of high seas disenfranchisement.

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