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Monday, February 18, 2019

The Poisoned Well of Pirate Capitalism--Intimate Daily Civic Lessons


The reputation of Donald Trump is all that need be looked at to see the public consequences of a nation enthralled by pirate capitalism. Trump considers himself a god that can manufacture truth to fit his current passions.  Consider his business reputation of shady dealings, stiffing contractors and bankers, and his fondness for exercising power in firing employees on a whim.

Further, as a god he demands total worship—or as he likes to call it “loyalty” (standing always at the ready to lie, cheat, or steal as his ego demands—or to swallow one of his rotten falsehoods with a face showing utter pleasure).  And remember, a hefty third of Americans are only too glad to have a pirate capitalist in charge. Perhaps workplace governance has provided them many daily, dutiful civic lessons.

The poisoned well of pirate capitalism demands from employees no less than spiritual prostitution. In a practical sense, many Americans experience monarchical, even despotic, government rule at the very source of their daily livelihood.   The free choice doctrine says all options are open for employees.  If they don’t like one job, they can always get another.   But we know realistically many things can prevent job hopping—not the least of which is that employees out of necessity often incur long-term debt with frequent and recurring payment importunities.


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