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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Donald Trump as Exalted Father of the American State

Below I include videos of Milton Friedman—an economist with absolute certainty that pursuit of self-interest on an individualistic level is good and that do-gooders who presume to know what’s best for others are satanic.   (I would not want to run for President if I considered fact a dangerous  hindrance to anything truly worthwhile.)  Friedman considers any wavering whatever from the free-choice doctrine tantamount to treason.   Friedman insists he is not an anarchist.  But I ask you, if each and every one is always fed the notion that free individualistic choice even of facts is an absolute and uncompromisable value, how is a society ever to attain a workable and efficacious unity about anything.  Certainly the pollutants roiling this society are perfectly fashioned for a Might Makes Right Leader—a Führer that knows how to leverage bare-knuckled power. For as a country without boarders is no country, so too a scatter-brained country without a unified embodiment of strength will soon be a dead-duck.

As I have described before, I am an adamant supporter of capitalism—much more than the greedy and profoundly unprincipled shark pretending to be a "capitalistic" President ever could.  It is nauseating to see the likes of such men parading around in the fake attire of pirate capitalism.  I would call Mr. President a hypocrite, but I honestly don’t believe he can understand the true social, psychological, and spiritual underpinnings of capitalism. "It's just business" is for such phonies an open-season license to denigrate then eviscerate others before summarily tossing them into a permanent hell-pit of LOSERS with no recourse to second chances.  This very damnable and self-revealing curse should duly warn one of the spiritual underpinnings of Trumpian "capitalism."

Now we have an anarchist President at heart who believes the only facts that matter are those agreed to by his loyal ideological acolytes.  What could possibly go wrong?   

Soon I will be discussing the horrendous impact of alcohol and seek to expose its searing facts though the fog of fantasy land propaganda enshrouding a reality we MUST NO LONGER ignore.  Of course, the incoming smears will certainly include the put-down DO-GOODER.  I will discuss the very human repulsion we feel towards an authority/representative figure—or government itself—who claim they know what's best for us.....against our most certain and passionate conviction otherwise.


I very much wish I could include a miraculous Adam Smith video critique of his self-proclaimed 20th Century Apostle.

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