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Friday, March 8, 2019

New Meaning of "Sunshine Soldiers"--- We Need Sunshine...And We Need Soldiers !!!

We have no other choice---committed individuals will be our heroes.

Please read carefully the following letter to me from Jeff Boreman.  Today, I find myself agreeing more and more with Jeff.  We have a lawless pirate as US President who ceaselessly receives worshipful accolades from millions of Americans.  The philosophy clearly is based on Trump’s raw cynicism and unquenchable greed.  If he led a conquering army, there is no doubt whatever that the modus operandi would be rape and plunder in accord with the Great Leader’s normative chaotic habits of predator thievery, sexual assault, and ruthless self-righteousness made by use impervious to any felt need for forgiveness. The democrats for their part too often seem to have bought into a dangerous mix of myopic ambition co-joined with self-centered promotion and offensive sycophancy. An unfortunate “Holier than Thou” attitude leads to a pervasive “My Shit Don’t Stink” ambiance unbecoming those seeking to earnestly serve. 

Will God chose to honor my own intimations of a personal role?  He’s the boss and I accept His disposition should that be a catbird seat or a tree-shade patch of southern anonymity.


Following from blog of 12/2/10

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thoughts after Election Day

The day after November’s election I wrote my friend Jeff Boreman to congratulate him on the Republican victories.  I was surprised by what he wrote back.  Following is our correspondence.  (Jeff recently gave me permission to include his comments on this blog.)


Election aftermath.  Just wanted to let you know that I'm as Democratic than ever.
However, "I told you so" from a certain Republican is certainly in order.

(Just wait till next year.)




I would love to tell you, "I told you so!" But, I am not very happy with Dems or Republicans. I can honestly say, I really did not feel like voting this year. I was really turned off by the campaigning from all parties. I believe that most of the candidates were in it for the game and power. None of them really talked about real issues or real solutions. There was a lot of smearing, lies, or flat out distortion from all.

All great societies eventually come to end. Ours is heading that direction and there is no turning it around. Socialism, Capitalism, Communism, and all others forms of societies sound great. Eventually though they all collapse. Each one is flawed with the same problem. That problem is man's greed. We have reached a level in our society where the greed is out of control from the rich, middle class, and the poor.

Look at the real issues that has caused our current situation. Some want to blame it on Bush. Others will blame it on Clinton, Obama, Reagan or who know who else. The fact is we all played a part. Housing pricing were out of control. The government did not set the prices on the homes. Man's greed did this. We want to blame the banks since they gave out the loans. Which they did due to their greed. People were spending more money than they could afford. Eventually this will catch up with you. Another problem is everyone is looking for more hand me outs from the government.

Jeff W. Boreman
Network Systems Analyst
City of St. Petersburg
Information and Communication Services

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