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Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Real American Passion - The True American Idea

Recently I have insisted with dogged determination that our American future as the hope of humanity depends upon reconciling man’s need for dignity and freedom (which will never be excised from the human heart) with the need for capitalism—the only economic approach that unites the psychological needs for motivation and purpose with the existential need for creativity.  I don’t know why, but it is my conviction that our Great Creator flat-out insists on earnest players.  Humanoid drones are completely useless for a vivacious generation of creative abundance.  Further, a sense of authentic discipline and exertion meld perfectly with abundance, purpose, and shared happiness.

Thus, we must totally honor capitalism and democratic freedom forever anchored in a nursery of hopeful optimism.  Earnest players—not drones, parasites, or arrogant Atlas assholes--warm the heart of Providence our faithful Senior Partner.

Now I don’t have the time-of-day for phony "capitalistic" parasites—those who grind fellow humans like sausage so long as they themselves get all the gold.  True capitalists will be identified by their compassion—who know that abundance is a quilt work of human inter-dependency in concert with the unearned blessings of God.  We highly regard both winners and losers—for in a real sense both rode the chariot of motivational competition that underwrites graceful and generous winners--winners that remain open to the need for endless second chances for themselves and everyone.  The scope of the game is always many leagues wider than a particular sandlot game.

Government as a general rule should regard hands-on production the function of the entrepreneurial sector.  But limited government should NEVER FOR A SINGLE MILLISECOND let wolves rip to shreds the most humble employee.  This requires more than thoughts and prayers by shameless, morally bankrupt Republicans.  We need a virile system of third party review so that the most humble employee is assured deep within that they really matter not only to God, but to the country in which they live.


Let America in our time lead the way in conquering Death  

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