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Sunday, October 4, 2015


At what points  during the past years have you found yourself speechless? Why? (Were you awed, outwitted, fumbling for words, suffering from a sore throat, or what?) (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 729).

The most common situation by far is when I am at a loss to come up with a humorous bon mot when one is obviously called for....yet my mind is as sluggish as yesterday's congealed leftover gravy. The fact that such a remark is obviously called for, and called for with promptitude, makes me appear dumber than silt.

The next challenging need for verbal acuity occurs when trying to write something original on a birthday card presented to someone by a group. Typically I get the card to sign after many clever and appropriate things have already been said.  Sometimes the lack of something clever to say – and fearing that my best effort will only seem like a failed attempt to sound "cute"– I just sign my name.

The final awkward silence – and I'm sure I share this with many – is when someone has had a death in the family. Then I'm tempted to borrow from a politician who just the other day said that such "stuff happens." Probably that's what I will end up saying – just dressed up a bit.

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