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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Chutzpah in Any Form

When you are jealous of someone, what is most likely the cause?
  • their looks
  • their abilities
  • their accomplishments
  • their popularity
  • their possessions
  • other_____________
(Serendipity Bible Forth Edition, page 420).

I am jealous even of an average dog when he shows in his demeanor and wag of his tail that he is at home in the world, freely accepts that he belongs there, and has the courage to be fully present. Yes, when I see a dog like that, I am jealous.  In short, the dog has no apprehension as to his worthiness or right to be totally equal and acceptable to all company – including me.  And what is more, I muct prefer a dog like that rather than one slouching about, afraid of his own shadow, looking as if he should not have been born. A dog like that deserves our pity for in his one chance at life, he is miserable and doubts even his own validity as a living being.

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