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Friday, October 23, 2015

Cramming for the Final Exam

Your death can come unexpectedly, just as Joseph’s did.  Are you prepared to die? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 646). 

I here will assume we are speaking of an unexpected death – not an expected death following a prolonged and painful illness. That is, I’m more or less copacetic and cruising along rather well and suddenly am faced with death. What conditions must prevail for me to say that I am prepared to die? The question that would obtain at that hour has two parts – have I exercised the courage to be (have I been faithful to myself) and have I succeeded in doing the will of my Father (have I been faithful to God).  It must be understood that I will not have the final answer to the last part of that question; for success here does not depend upon my opinion or the opinion of others, but is entirely a matter for the wisdom and judgment of God. As for the first part of the question (have I been faithful to myself), the time for all escapism has passed.  I stand stark naked face to face with myself.  Do I see in the lineaments of my life’s visage  courage, wholeness, and integrity; or do I find a morass of sell-outs and compromise–a denial of who I was born to be along with forever lost opportunities to make a unique contribution?  Am I prepared to die?  This is one test question that cannot be simulated in advance.

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