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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Something Beautiful

Serendipity is what happens when two or three get together and share their lives and the Holy Spirit does something beautiful when you least expect it. (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, presentation page).

I have identified that the ultimate purpose of my blog is to share the belief and conviction that the disciplines of love are paramount for abundant life. To do this I have relied extensively on personal experience with the assurance that my idiosyncratic experiences are shared socially. My Sunday school teacher Mitch Marsh has often reflected that when we share a weakness we connect with others who share the same weakness. I believe this is so for something about honesty is contagious and liberating. I am grateful to live in the land of liberty in the context of faith. This has made things possible not otherwise available as a resource way too often in the track of history. Neither my country nor my religion are perfect – but we know who is perfect and we ultimately rely on the creative and redeeming grace of Providence.

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