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Friday, October 16, 2015

The Magnet Man

What outstanding characteristic of Joseph's life would you like to make a part of yours? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 120).

Let's look at a few of his characteristics:
  • As a youth he lacked appreciation of human nature--Joseph thought his older brothers would even then be delighted to know his dream showed that they would one day bow down to him--that they would rejoice in knowing that he was way more favored and special then they.
  • He had deep and confident assurance from early years that he would make a significant contribution to human affairs.
  • He had the ability to exude the trait of loyalty.  Many relative strangers seem to grow to trust him almost immediately.
  • He had leadership ability that likewise was palpable and obvious--he garnered faith in his intellectual capacity and solid capability.
  • He was handsome.
  • He had proven insight that was both needed and relevant, and with which he was generous.
  • He had a forgiving spirit and capable of lasting love.
  • He was a loyal family member.
There probably are many more characteristics that could be listed, but clearly he had loads of what can be called a well-founded personal charisma that inspired duly exercised trust.  I suppose this is what I would most like to have....this charisma that seemed to sum up in radiating telepathy core integrity that in turn fostered in others the confidence of favorable returns.  But then, I suppose like Joseph as a youth, I am grossly overestimating the extent to which such special powers would invite admiration and love rather than envy and burning ill-will.

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