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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Plague of Self-Loathing

Glad Day
William Blake

What would be the worst plague for you to experience: Sores all over your body? Intense heat without air-conditioning? Total darkness? Or great thirst with very little water? Why? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1724).

The preeminent curse of mankind is self-loathing. More mischief is caused by this evil than any other. Even overweening pride has at its base abject self-loathing. The deceitfulness of man is fundamentally to hide this closely kept secret of self-loathing. Man's sexuality as a symbol of self is caught up in this mire of negativity. We become ashamed even of life's vitality itself.

Unfortunately religion can serve to compound the problem rather than releasing us from it, as it rightfully should our being created by the will and in the image of God.  We think of sex as being dirty because we think of ourselves as being dirty--not the other way around as typically assumed.  The basic problem is guilt about ourselves based upon perverted and unrighteous thoughts. As in Eden, we seek to hide and deceive – the modern bowdlerized term is "to filter." Father forgive us for our sinfulness and lead us to righteousness in Christ's holy light. Amen.

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