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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Me Fourth, and Rightly So

Whose home could you drop in on unexpectedly and know that you would be welcome? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition,  page 1705).

The short and quite proper answer is absolutely no one's.  Shame on me if I make the test of one's love and regard for me that they suffer any inconvenience at my every capricious whim. I tutor in The Literacy Council of St. Petersburg. There is a tremendous supervisor and coordinator of the program and her name is Ann.  Last week I made an unreasonable request of her, and she totally ignored my importunities. I called her the Monday after Thanksgiving at two different numbers leaving messages requesting that she fill out a form on that day--a day the Council did not even meet. It is even possible that in order to fill out my form she would of necessity have been required to traveled to two widely separated schools to get the necessary logs. Quite rightly, she did not even return my phone calls. I admire her tremendously for this refusal to put my interest before hers. As head of the program, she must always underscore that students not tutors come first. That's just the first point.  The second point was the unreasonable nature of my request.  Lurking behind my request was the inherent ugliness of a "me first" attitude.

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