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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Help Wanted

For approximately 3 years (from around January 2012), I have used the Serendipity Bible for Groups published by Zondervan for stimulating questions to use in my blog. There are literally thousands and thousands of excellent questions in this book designed for group study. I have especially appreciated the open-ended questions that allowed flexibility in answering. Today I find that I have completed my trek through the book using only a small minority of the questions available. The question that confronts me today is do I return to page 1 and proceed through the work again hopefully not treating the same questions?  Or do I find a new avenue of interest? I visited two bookstores today and came up with nothing to replace the Serendipity Bible for questions. The dearth of such resources testifies to the hard work that is required to come up with lists of good questions.

I am open to suggestions for good sources of questions to treat in my blog. You may write me at with any ideas.  The material could span many topics and not just focus on Bible subjects – though I expect Bible themes to apply to most anything. Your help will be appreciated.  If I don't get suggestions I may resort to writing on "deep philosophical questions" --the main result being to prove that I should keep at the shallow end of the pool. Thanks for your help. --Wayne

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