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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sex as Determined by Personal Modalities

Sex is sometimes seen to have a profound affect upon our dominant behavior. The fact is that our dominate behavior actually has a significant and profound affect upon our sexuality. Sexuality becomes a symbol for ourselves. There are basically two different self modalities. As has been pointed out by others we tend to be either givers or takers.

This can be mapped as follows for men and women. An extensive understanding of males and females can be derived from this schematic.

Men:  Are mainly  "Sex Pistols" or "Big Dippers"

Women: Are mainly "Parks" or "Boot Camps"

"Sex  Pistols" for men and "Boot Camps" for women are individuals fixated on control and are takers.  Lust is the proper reference for sexual activity here.  Lust--such as exercised in formal or informal rape--is all about control and taking charge rather than giving.   

"Big Dippers" for men and "Parks" for women are expansive and generous empathetic givers.  Sexual love and romance are typical here.

Neurotics do not fit comfortably into either sexual category. 

Think of people you know and evaluate if the characterizations above align substantially with your perception of reality.

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