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Friday, December 5, 2014

Immaturity and Faith

What criteria can you use to distinguish between: (a) new insights into Christian truths that the Holy Spirit brings to light, and (b) new teachings that undermine the Christian faith? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1700).

I detest "new things" that pander to my fears. Such things are of the devil not the Holy Spirit.  All those defenses of the Christian faith mustered to combat nausea caused by fear are disgusting to me.  Those who eye science suspiciously only reveal their lack of faith. A better understanding of the physical world and the principles that lie behind it are of God and any "religion"  that such insight undermines is not worthy of the name. The Holy Spirit rejoices in understanding and truth (including the simple truth of facts).  I'm amused by one dimension of our preoccupation with "privacy." To the extent that I do not wish my medical records shared broadly because I fear that someone may learn of facts "beneath my dignity" – such as I've had ingrown toenails, jock itch, or suffer from hemorrhoids – is totally absurd, fabricated baloney, and shows a huge psychological weakness.  Such fears do nothing to better my health or buttress fundamental honesty or advance human knowledge. Such fears reside in false pride and the great reflection lake of evil. My prayer is that we give up such tawdry and torn excuses for security and embrace with boldness the penetrating Kingdom of God.

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