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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

When to Stay the Hand

Are you more of a "the-rules-are-meant-to-be-broken" or a "play-it-by-the-book" type of person? Why? Give an example (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1460).

Today at 6 am I was at LabCorp getting blood drawn for examination prior to my doctor's appointment next week  A Saint Petersburg police officer was ahead of me so we had a chat.  His current assignment is to provide police presence at a local high school.  I asked what was his toughest challenge? He said the toughest challenge came not from students but from school officials.   He explained that they wanted him to address matters other than law enforcement--they wanted him to enforce school dress codes and monitor the cafeteria. This he declined to do. I responded that he did well.  It would be a serious matter if students come to see the police power of the state as legitimately the enforcer of matters other than the law. On his leaving I told him to be a good ambassador for law enforcement.  I remarked in utter seriousness that students should come to love the police power of the state.  A moment's serious reflection demonstrates the truth of this statement.

So in some matters I  think a clear and proper perception demands playing-it-by-the book.  The abuse of power is never good.  The oft overlooked paradox is that discipline releases the most creativity.  There is a song that says "anything goes."  This is a good concept so long as it takes place within broad parameters of disciple.  A wife may tell her husband "anything goes" which is fine if it means brainstorming about an upcoming vacation--not so good if he thinks his wife is suggesting that he have an extramarital affair.  

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