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Saturday, April 5, 2014

On Drives and Blessings

How can you transfer your treasure from Wall Street to Heaven's Gate? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1459).

Like most every Christian I know, I recoil at "selling all I have and giving it to the poor."  I view the situation much as analogous to a shrub growing in the front yard. It is absolutely true there are great limits set regarding what I can provide for the plant.  For example I have no control over the necessity of sun light and congenial weather.  Even if I built a lighted and climate controlled greenhouse, it all ultimately is fueled by star energy.  So in analogy, we are in final evaluation totally dependent upon God for the essence of spiritual nourishment. Given the truth of this, in order to help the plant flourish, it is a good thing to have a bank account from which to purchase water from the utility company and fertilizer and fungicides at Home Depot.  There even exists a significant drive of responsibility and moral duty involved--and this necessarily entails a measure of "filthy lucre."  Thus we can see that a balanced viewpoint is necessary; and I take Jesus' pleadings for us to deemphasize concern over material wealth as an attempt to break our obsession and addiction to unlimited financial  security which tends to err on the side of great excess, psychological denial of a crippling problem, and even cruelty to ourselves and others.

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