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Friday, April 25, 2014

Shunning the Syrup

What type of bread are you today: All-natural?  Rye?  Moldy?  Crusty?  Fresh?  Easy to butter up? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1498).

My erroneous zone, my soft spot, is vulnerability to praise. I can be suckered in by it.  I'm a pipe that can easily be played. I had a great friend at work. Her name was Jasna.  We regularly worked together on several projects, so it was important that we maintained a good working relationship. One day I decided to grease the skids with a compliment. Regarding her contribution to a project I told her "I am very impressed." She immediately retorted "Oh, don't be impressed!!!"  I was stunned for a moment and then on second thought was more impressed with her than ever. She would not be played like a pipe; she would not be vulnerable to blithe compliments.

This is the person that I admired so much that one day when I purchased a new Bible, I asked her if she would write something on the inside of the front cover. Along with a personal comment, she wrote the following quote by G. Aiken Taylor (1920-1984), a Presbyterian Minister:

"This is the Word of God, holy, inerrant, inspired, written by God, written for us, that we may know what to believe, that we may know how to live, and on its pages we might meet the living Christ."

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