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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How Many Flashlights Does a Man Need?

How many flashlights do you own?  How many work? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1456).

There is a current ad for a real estate broker that displays a healthy caution about clients lusting after a dream home and not counting real cost--for example the cost associated with maintaining an expansive pool.  Living in Florida surrounded on three sides by water, I have long heard the warning that owning a fancy yacht may fuel one's dreams, but upon realization of that dream there arise the relentless cost of boat maintenance and upkeep.  I love to shop and often purchase on impulse items that at a minimum will require further cluttering of my home.  Yet I characteristically go for the immediate addictive "fix" of purchase rather than counting the eventual cost of clutter.  This acquisition tendency is so firmly ingrained in my character that I have many flashlights, but few well maintained and working ones.

As an American I have deep respect for individual conscience and the belief in the divine spark. Yet I surmise that I am not the only one to be lax in my maintenance of conscience and the cultivation of divinity.  This has sobering implications for framing the underpinnings of society and the concordant outgrowth of neurological pathways. How many today have set aside time for daily meditation and devotions?  How can we cultivate conscience and the divine spark without them?  Surely 24/7 "Breaking News" however additive is not our most urgent need nor does it serve to fructify life rather than impoverish it.  When we take a moment to pause and think about it, surely we have let the noise of life supplant our responsibility to induct harmony within it.

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