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Monday, April 14, 2014

The One Chosen

If you were in desperate need in the middle of the night, whom outside your family would you call? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Bible, page 1470).

This question is complicated because it initially calls forth portraits of trusted individuals that I have known and in some  ways have relied on for years.  All of these people though not blood-related have long-since become part of what I consider my extended family.  They vary in sex, age, physical strength, and what commonly goes for intelligence.  They also vary in location, mobility and talents, resources, and gifts.  Some are wealthy, some are poor; some head companies, some are destitute and in jail or prison. So very much depends upon the nature of "desperate need". Ironically, if it were a spiritual matter, I would most be inclined to talk as soon as possible with a select group of my extended family in prison.

Of course institutions rather than trusted individuals may be indicated.  An assortment of emergencies could trigger calls to 911.  My church offers counselling, various services, and money for emergency situations.  It lives its Christian mission and does not just pronounce it.

As for trusted individuals, It is really impossible to identify one that I would  call or search out.  It would be essential to consult the Holy Spirit for guidance in making this choice.

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