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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Innocence after Experience

Kathy (center) my brother Bob & wife Linda
There is first childhood innocence. It must be protected by parents from the cruelty of the world. Next comes experience that introduces one to the adult life and all of its hard lessons and themes. Next comes the innocence that follows experience in which one feels again for those one meets the fondness one had for playmates. There is a renewed belief in goodness, but it is now not tentative for it comes with the assurance that love is stronger than the games people play while navigating experience. This second innocence shares in a sense the blessedness of heaven. It is a relief to find one's motives less complex and mixed than one once thought. My wife Kathy was key to moving me past experience towards this second innocence. This is the major reason my life is divided into two parts—the sometimes gray days before I met her and the sunny days afterwards.

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