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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Final Arbiter

Ed Standifer with sons Wayne (8 1/2) and Bobby (13)
Lake Junaluska, NC  1952
How would you describe your current relationship with God: (a) Casual date? (b) Going steady? (c) Engaged? (d) Married? (ed) Divorced? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1032).

I view God as an authority figure with great love. Jesus called God Daddy and that's the way I too most think of God. I call him Daddy rather than Mamma because in our home daddy had the final say as to what might be called up-in-the-air debatable matters. I quickly must add that mother was a key, essential and indispensable part of all such decisions; it's just that she in the end realized that some issues which might come to a draw simply needed resolution after all, and she loving gave this call to daddy. I really don't know the final reason for this abeyance to father, I only know that it was a solution that she graciously embraced. I might add that in my marriage to Kathy the same pattern prevailed, and in the end truly up-in-air decisions were seldom encountered and accommodations were virtually always made before this point occurred. In my life the church was key, and women played a high-profile authoritative role in it. It never occurred to me to consider whether men or women were more important or more equal—it was absolutely clear to me that I was to show respect and consideration to all and if I did not, I would disappoint my mother and certainly hear from my daddy. 

My current relationship with Daddy is a loving one. I know he has my best interest at heart and his perspective is more reliable, incisive, and right than my own. As with my daddy, I want to please Daddy because I love and respect him. His love makes rebellion despicable.

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