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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My View of Alcohol

Waterjug by Jan Vermeer

Drawing either upon personal experience or empathy for others, what is the one of the most unpleasant things about being drunk? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1033).

The other day I wrote a blog (click here) in which I discussed idolatry as a means of escapism. Escapism is at the core of idolatry, and likewise is at the core of the use of drugs or alcohol. When one considers it carefully, escapism can be seen as the ultimate basis of all sin. It is thus for me this symbolic nature of alcohol and drugs as an avenue of escapism that makes me continue to hate them almost as much as their physical effects. You may say, but a good book or movie can be escapism. That may be true, but it is often the case that stories—both tragedy and comedy—offer powerful glimpses into reality. In fact, a central characteristic of creativity is that it drills down into the core of reality. 

But, you may say, I accede this is the case with drunkenness but surely “social drinking” is exceptionally exempt—at this stage addiction to escapism is no way a factor. I once was picnicking with family at the beach and next to our table was a table where alcoholic drinks flowed freely. There were children at the table and the tipsy adults hugged and joked with their somewhat subdued children. I felt great sadness and sympathy for the children who could not know whether the embraces were of love and for real or were born of escapism.

I have attempted many times, since I have family and friends that use alcoholic beverages, to rationalize away my negative feelings towards this substance. But all such attempts are never in the end successful. I have come at times to say that I may be wrong in this as it applies to others, but as for me the will of God is clear, adamant, and unchanging.

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