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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Current Stresses in American Life

The current stresses in American life can be largely traced to one idea—to one philosophy—one based upon the notion that every man (person) is and must be out for themselves. It gets some of its credibility from American individualism and the shameless perversion of the notion of individual responsibility. It gains momentum from the silly notion that every man is an island entire unto itself—as obviously false as this is. It is a notion that is underwritten by the false god of capitalism, heartless competition, and the absurd idea that one solely earns every penny of their wealth. The philosophy also leads directly to the idea that everyone must be armed with guns and that the sword of the state is somehow illegitimate when applied to American citizens. The sacred role of the state as regulator and arbiter of justice is thereby usurped by individuals. The goal is always for weaker and weaker government. The abject result is rather than having true freedom we are enslaved by guns in private hands and quite rationally fear and insecurity are the inevitable result. The other day the murdered victims of gun violence were children. This is problematic for the gun lobby and for its underlying philosophy because (though it is true in all areas anyway) it is especially clear that the young and the elderly do not and cannot fit easily into the mold of tough hombre's without the need of others. Here it is starkly clear that true security and tranquility derive from social support and enabled government and not from individualistic chauvinism. And as always, the cry of the gun lobby to solve the nightmare such a philosophy propagates is a strident cry for more—more guns, more toughness, more meanness, more individualism facing down the world alone. My hope is that American people will come to see clearly that this is more than stupid, it is essentially treasonous to the great promise and sacred mission of America.

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