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Thursday, May 17, 2012

When Losing is Winning

... Is surrender ever honorable? Is resistance always noble? In what way do you need to surrender? To keep fighting? How do you know when to do what? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, p.573).

These are perhaps the most persistence and important questions that we face. We are in a dilemma – if we too readily accept reality as unchangeable, progress would never be made. On the other hand, we must stand ready to accept reality when it cannot be changed. The better part of wisdom is knowing when to fight a certain battle and when to surrender in that battle so that greater and more important goals can be defined and won – so that new horizons can be set and new efforts enlisted. A large part of our sense of meaning and our self-esteem comes from working towards and fulfilling unrealized goals from whence come a sense of hope – surely an essential form of deep and abiding human pleasure. But coming to grips with reality is another source of pleasure. For example, identifying natural laws that cannot be changed paradoxically empowers us since we are better able to cope and even exploit nature. So in a real sense, even when we are confronted with the inevitable and the unsurmountable, we come out winners. To come face-to-face with limitations opens up vast horizons and new possibilities. Knowing one's limitations makes one appreciably stronger.

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