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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Concrete Gratitude

That loaf of bread: How many hands contributed to its getting to the grocery store? Your last hotel stay: How many workers were involved in making it so pleasant? Why doesn't the little guy ever hear, "What a great sandwich" or "What a good night's sleep”? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition p.582).

Over the years I have heard grace said at the dinner table many times. Often the thanksgiving is of a general nature: "Thank you for this food, bless it to our bodies and us to Thy service. Amen...” A prayer by my uncle Calhoun Geiger stands out in my memory as offering sharp contrast. His family and ours were at an evening meal – a feast – prepared by my mother in Bradenton, Florida. We sat at the dining room table – a room with windows on two sides. The afternoon sun shone on the trees outdoors. Dad asked Uncle Calhoun to say grace. In his quiet, thankful way he began to pray. But there was to be something very different about this meal's grace. It briefly but indelibly painted the scene of workers in a field toiling to raise and harvest crops. Uncle Calhoun was grateful for their efforts and sacrifices. It struck me as a prayer filled with realism. God's bounty frequently does not fall as manna from heaven. Toil and sweat and sacrifice are often involved. It was refreshing to see in this "thanks be to God" a glimpse of the very practical means of deliverance – dirty and calloused hands.

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