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Monday, May 28, 2012

The Primary Role of a Christian

Tim Tebow
The primary role of a Christian is to like Christ function as a redeeming force in daily life. Safely it can be said that many times during a single day Christians are presented with a choice, either to affirm life and love or not to do so. To affirm life is to worship God through doing one's best to staunch and redeem drifts towards death and decay (emptiness, false pride, selfishness, and hypocrisy). To strive humbly for truth and goodwill is a positive contribution that gives meaning and purpose to the life of the Christian athlete while helping to sustain healthy interactions and developments in the world. Christ is the redeemer because he died for sinners, but he also lived for sinners contributing during his time on earth guideposts for living eternity now. Christians with intimations from the Holy Spirit are to willingly and lightly constitute a living sacrifice serendipitously redeeming the daylight of promise from seemingly inevitable dark entropic forces. 

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