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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Three Course Meal

Jerome Mathews
Today I had lunch with one of my sons, Jerome Mathews.  (Blog of Sunday, May 1, “Proud Father” was written on the occasion of the birth of his daughter.)  While we waited to be served, he wrote three terms on a scrap piece of paper.  He challenged me to follow each term with a one-word definition.  This I could not do.  He then re-wrote the terms in two sets and defined them with one word.  Here’s what we wrote:

Here’s how I defined them.

Knowledge  —  An accumulation of understanding
Understanding —  Mental comprehension of the way stuff works
Wisdom  —  A deep understanding of human nature & in the world the need for process
--(Then I added a 4th term…)
Truth  —  Man is spiritual & God is love

Here’s how he defined them.

Knowledge  —  Sight
Understanding  —  Insight
Wisdom  —  Foresight

Knowledge  —  Father
Understanding  —  Son
Wisdom  —  Holy Spirit

I had to admit his one-word definitions packed a lot of meaning in a concise form.  I was most impressed with his definitions of “Understanding.”  “Insight” pierces through a lot of fodder and gets to the essential meaning.  “Son” gets to a key function of Jesus Christ—to add to the Godhead a complete understanding of what it means to be human.  Since he was a child, Jerome has always had the knack for asking penetrating questions.

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